Yeast Nation at the Victoria Theatre (Ray of Light Theatre, San Francisco 2015)

Director: Jason Hoover | Scenic Design: Angrette McCloskey | Lighting Design: Joe D'Emilio

Set at the bottom of the ocean “in 3,000,458,000BC” when “salt eating yeasts” were the only lifeforms on earth, I approached this design as a challenge to play with scale, and further explore the use of unconventional materials in my designs. Attracted to visual research featuring bioluminescent algae and macrophotography images of sand, TD Daniel Cadigan, lighting designer Joe D’Emilio, and I worked to create an environment that could be lit from within, as though it too were alive. The final result was floor-to-ceiling spandex walls, sculpted by PVC armatures, and painted using a transparent glaze, creating a rich and receptive surface for lighting (2015).